For those on a prepayment Meter.. I have a tip

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: mine is located outside and froze so I couldn't top up the gas. I managed to warm up the payment card on a hot water bottle and pop it in - and it worked!

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We haven't got no gas here where we're living but they've put the pipes and they've installed the white boxes already can't wait to have Gas at the moment our flats are all with Economy 7 radiators and we can only afford to put one on and that is the Living Room it is the most room as both of us are in.

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So, you in Britain don’t get a monthly bill? It’s pay as you go?

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Can’t you top up online. That’s what we do. Do you know you can also wake your meter up- Press Red Button To Wake Gas Meter, Press Red A Button Twice Then Press B twice when prompted. Elec: Press A button twice then Press B button twice, Do NOT hold down B button.

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I take a card n electric card say can I put 10 on please n it goes straight on n my smart reader reads it.
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