Has anyone moved their child trust funds into junior isa’s?

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Child trust funds!

Has anyone moved their child trust funds into junior isa’s? Is it worth it? What are the pros and cons? It’s all very confusing.

At the moment it’s with ‘one family’ but in 12 years it’s only ’earnt’ £4 on it. (We’ve not been in a position to pay extra in so far) but kind of glad we haven’t!

Thank you in advance..

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Wow £4 I put my daughters into Lloyds bank she turned 18 last week and received £900.

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My son has one with our bank. It is one where I can only put money in and not take out and he gets it when he is 16 or 18, I think. My son earnt just over £50 I think a year in his bank as interest now.

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Yeah my twoost we hadn't put into it and moved two to Halifax isa and kids made some interest and they been putting some of own birthday mkney and made bit now.

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My daughters was with one family. She withdrew hers at 18 and has put it into a life time isa thing with money box. She can only withdraw for house deposit or pension. She gets 25% added of whatever is in there each year, plus an annual %.

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Years ago I put my sons into a stock market account. Was originally with Halifax but moved over to forresters. He started with the £250 and has just recieved £1400.

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My lads started at 250 when he was born... I've never touched it. Hes 18 in two weeks it's at £996 with loyds.

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I moved my children's to Junior Isa's some years ago now when the option first became available, seem to remember it being easy as the bank did most of the work.

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My god we put all our kids in stocks and shares accounts and my daughters just turned 18 and received £15k! Admittedly we added £30 a month.
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