Just a handy tip in this Freezing weather

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I don't like using deicer and having Raynaurds my hands get frozen scraping the ice off.

Also pouring hot water will either crack or weaken the windscreen.

My friend said get a small zip lock bag fill with warm water seal it and just wipe your windows with it. Defrosted in minutes and works great.

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Have been using warm water for years on my windows, no.problem and then I start the engine and use the wipers.

Post by Karen »

Yep, I've done that before and it works well.

For those saying the window froze again straight away, just use a shower squeegee on each window as you go - problem solved!

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Watched a young neighbour of mine do this very thing this morning. Very successful.

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I just use windscreen shields.

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Use a hot water bottle. Then keep the hottie bottle in the car to keep you warm on the way to work or to warm the kids on the school run.

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I do the similar, hot water bottle on the dash board half hour before leaving, works a treat does both inside and outside.

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Years ago as a night worker. I would bring a blow heater with me plus extension lead plug in for 1hour before my shift ended at 8am.

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I used lukewarm water no problem, only thing the excess water goes onto the drive forming a ice skating ring for my husband.

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I’ve got Reynards and just use a bucket of Luke warm water, whilst wearing my gloves. Job done all over.

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Sprayed mine with white vinegar&water night before no ice this morning just a bit of snow on window screen.

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Keep your sun visors down when defrosting the windscreen the hot it goes up and has nowhere to go this helping to clear it faster.

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Keep your second key handy. Start the car, set the heater on the window, lock it with the second key and go back into the warm for 10 minutes.
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