I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas for fundraising

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Hi all. I’m trying to raise some money so that I can have a much needed surgery. I’m doing some cake raffles and thought about doing a coffee morning and raffle.

I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas for fundraising.

I know it’s a tough time for many at the moment so was hoping to think of things so people are g just giving us money, if that makes sense!

Thank you..

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Depends what you are into? Walks, hair shave for just givings.

With some out put hire hall, local band tickets via just giving depending on local licensing maybe someone local to you could advise.

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If its much needed surgery why isn't it on NHS?

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Raffles? You can do them on social media, maybe you could approach friends/family/people in your local community or some local businesses and see if they'd be willing to donate any prizes? Good luck.

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Maybe get a personal bank loan.
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