I am £990 in credit with EON

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- they would only very slightly reduce my dd last year and yet it still too much. Has anyone else been in this position I’m clearly paying too much and I could realllu do with £990 in my bank rather than there’s and I can’t seem to get them to pay it back to me?

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Ask for a refund. You only need to keep 1 months dd in.

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Yeah, I let ours get to £500 then submitted readings and requested refund it’s your money not theirs to keep.

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Request payback they have 14 days to give it without a plausible reason why they should keep it . After that put.in an official complaint if no joy after 7 days get the ombudsman involved.

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I am in credit with Eon every year. I live in Devon so not do huge bills. I ask every year, once or twice for a refund, which they always give me. As a pensioner, it's a way of saving for me,by overpaying each month.

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I stopped my DD until credit ran out. £490. Then they wanted quadruple to what I was paying. I put own readings in and pay what it says every month. I've saved, over £560. That doesn't Inc the £490 in used credit That's in my bank for winter not there already fat cats pockets.

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I'm in credit. I'm keeping it on my account so I don't have to worry about my bill.

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Do you always stay in a large credit? As I am billed 6 monthly so go into a large credit then get my bill which swallows the credit, then the circle continues but if when I get my 6mth bill I have a large amount left I can get it refunded.

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I'm in credit and asked for mine back. I was told they couldn't refund it as it was included in next year's projection. They still put my DD up to and are wanting to increase it again to 240 a month. I'm thinking of cancelling DD and let credit run down. Should soon not be using as much then.

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I’m with Shell, I was in credit but less than half the amount you are, I questioned why they wanted to put my DD up and was offered to go on a VDD (variable direct debit) so I pay for what I use, I send in a monthly meter reading & from October my bills are coming,out of my credit so have not paid anything yet, once my credit has been used money will then be taken to pay the bill. Do EON not offer this?

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If you put monthly readings on internet , you can put in submission to reduce yourself . We have . Also as long as you don’t owe anything you can ask for some back . Imagine if they had that much off thousands of customers , they would millions in interest free account .

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Cancel your DD until the credit is almost gone, then call them up and tell them how much you want to pay 💪 (just work out what your actual usage is first) they try and persuade you to pay what they want, but as long as you cover your rough monthly usage you can pay what you want/can afford.
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