I get child tax credits for both kids at the moment but will I get it for my third child too?

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Hi, just wondering if someone can help as I’m a bit confused with some benefits.

Currently I have a 7 and 1 year old and due another baby this year. I get child tax credits for both kids at the moment but will I get it for my third child too?


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You will get child benefit for a 3rd child.

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No, it's govt eugenics - they introduced 2 kids only rule. There are a couple exceptions - from the info you've given they don't apply here. The link Shell Helen Cave has provided in this thread gives full details.

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I don’t think you get income support for more than 2 kids. If it’s still the drop off when the youngest is 5 though that should transfer to the new baby when your middle child is 5. You will get child benefit though. Double check with them though as I think if a child claims dla that age exemption don’t count or might be higher. Been a while since I claimed income support though so I may be wrong.

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No tax credits for 3rd child if born after April 2017, dla does not matter. Child benefit you will get though, which is about 14£/week for additional child.

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You can only claim benefits for your first two children the only additional money you get for more children is child benefit unless the third child had a disability and is entitled to dla then that is separate otherwise it’s only child benefit you can claim once the baby is born.

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Nope. Only child benefit for more than 2 children.
No tax credits ot uc.
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