The direct debit for my car tax was returned because I didn't have enough money on the bank

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Hello, I am posting anonymously because this is quite embarrassing for me, but I need some advice. The direct debit for my car tax was returned because I didn't have enough money on the bank, and I didn't notice initially. When I finally did, I wasn't due to get paid for quite a while, so I just refrained from using my car until I could afford to renew the tax. My car is usually parked on a side street as there are yellow lines outside my house. I went out to retrieve something from my car today, and it's gone! After some research I can only assume that it's been impounded. I know I'm going to get some bad comments about not paying my tax, but I honestly didn't realise anything would happen if I wasn't using the car.

My question is, I have very little money to pay to get my car back, and from what I've read it will be at least £200, plus £20 for every day they have it impounded. I haven't used my car for almost 2 weeks, so I have no idea how long they've been holding it. I have no way of affording even the initial £200, nevermind the additional charges.

I was wondering if anyone knows... is there is any possibility that I can set up some kind of payment plan with the pound or police to pay off slowly so I can get my car back? And if not, are there any ways I can get the money I need to get it back, and then pay back eventually? I am on UC currently, and still paying off my advance. Is there any kind of emergency payment I can claim while I'm still paying back the advance, or maybe even a loan from my bank, etc? I don't want to have to take out a payday loan because I know they're dangerous and the interest rates are sky high, but I don't have any family or friends I can borrow money from. I know this is a stupid situation that I've gotten myself into, but I just need advice, please. Thank you!

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Has it maybe been stolen? Wouldn't you be notified of it had been lifted? Or it would be clamped if it was due to no tax. Not sure but I think you would have received a letter or something.

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I think you can just sign the car over to them, they can then sell it to cover the debt, it sounds like it’s a luxury that you can’t afford so might be the easiest option.

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Sounds more like its been stolen.

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Report it stolen if DVLA have taken it should be marked on PNC when you speak to police. DVLA usually only clamp vehicles. Hope you get it sorted.

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Have you had any notice it was impounded my first reaction would be that it was stolen. For future reference if you take a car of the road you need a "SORN".

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Ask the police or impound people or even the tax office. or report it stolen in the police station, cancel or pause your insurance.

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Usually they have. A yellow sticker - but you would have received a few letters before hand when did the dd fail . , my friend has bipolar and she did the same she got about 4 Letters then a sticker and then They came took a photo and issued her with a fine - they didn’t take her car- this as only end of last year.

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They don't usually take the car straight away you should have a sticker on your windscreen with a fine. Have you checked to see if your car has been taken? I would call the police and make sure it's not been stolen first.

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Ring the police and tell them you think the car has been stolen. They don't usually tow they clamp and stick a notice on your windscreen.

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They do actually just remove the vehicle, it happened to me! There was no warning, I went out to work it was there, went past 3 hours later it was gone! No letters, no notices nothing! I rang the police worried it had been stolen then they told me they had seized it.

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I think you need to ring police and dvla to check first, because they wouldn't have taken it that soon imo, you would have got two notices at least from them. Also you should have sorn it and can't put it on the road parked. My feelings are it's been stolen, and if you report as stolen they're gonna know it's been on road and untaxed.

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They’d have knocked your door and you would have gotten a hand delivered letter if you hadn’t answered. Phone the police- either its been stolen or impounded. If it’s been impounded and you didn’t get a knock or a letter there’s a problem (have had a vehicle clamped) and they knocked the door as soon as it was clamped).

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Would it not be better to let your car go? Perhaps just owning the car is causing you so much worry and stress. Even if you can get a loan, credit card, advance etc... you will be even more in debt just to get a car returned that costs even more money to put fuel in the tank and to tax. What happens when you need to service and MOT it? Cut your losses now. Let it go....... Clear all your debts and when you are financially sound once more......then start thinking about buying another car. Your car at present is just a metal money pit.
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