Bedroom curtains, long or short?

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Post by Guest »

Partner wants short as he says long ones block the radiator, which yes they do, but I hate short curtains!

What are your thoughts and do you have any photos of your lovely bedrooms with short curtains that can sway me.

Post by Mandy »

We are changing from short to long as our radiator is under the window and heat is going straight up behind the curtains. We are going to tuck the longer ones behind the radiator when pulling them

Post by Felicity »

We have long and tuck them up onto window sill at night so they don't cover rads. Best of both.

Post by Rachael »

Long and tuck the curtains behind the radiator when closed. Short curtains just let the heat go up behind them and not into the room.

Post by Lynn »

Long I hate short curtains aswell, get a blind then you don't have to close curtains that's what we have.

Post by Lara »

Shortish for us. Our bedroom is very narrow, and long ones would be a trip hazard and the particular radiators we have, we can't tuck behind, so pointless having long ones except on patio doors. Tbh no one sees our room except us, and it's dark by then. We have a blackout blind on the window too, as hubby works permanent nights, so goes to bed at lunchtime when it's obviously light and our room is south facing.

Post by Christopher »

Move radiator! Years ago rads were put under windows because if there were drafts they would be warmed, now with better glazing if the radiator is sized correctly you can put them in the most unusable space as long as their not blocked by furniture as they work by radiation and convection.

Post by Sarah »

I've got long curtains that I spend every winter tucking behind the radiator. It's pathetic really because it looks rubbish when they are tucked in and if I leave them untucked the room doesn't get as warm. When I redecorate I will be going with short curtains or moving the radiator.
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