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Hi All, Do you leave printed designs, and or digital PDFs or not at all for clients to think about at rough handover?

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Only if they have paid for the design!! That is your IP don't give it away!! I used to work for a big kitchen company franchise and almost daily I wpuld be emailed other people's designs and asked if 'I can do this but cheaper...' .

I am an independent designer now and under no circumstances do I do anything without a commitment of payment for my time to design!! But once they're all paid then it's there's to have and I create lovely wee folder that has plans, couple renders and mood board

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They get shown through examples on-line or in person but the only time they get to keep something physical is if they pay for it. I learned many years ago that some people will take what you give them and try to copy it as best they can which means you don't get paid.

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