Which works out cheaper/better.. Tumble dryer or heated airer?

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what do you have?
Thank you..

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Personally hate heated airers. They don't hold much for me and the items don't dry equally. Seen others moan about the the same thing to. For me my tumble dryer is so much better and hold loads! It's also smart and stops soon as things are dry unlike the older style ones.

Post by Karen »

A tumble drier is always going to dry far faster than a heated airer.

I’ve never had a drier and I’m really happy with my heated airer. A full load will dry overnight. If you expect the same speed as a drier you’ll always be disappointed.

Post by Lucy »

Heated airer but with a sheet or cover over to increase the heat.

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Don’t have a heated airer but can’t see how they wud dry faster than A dryer can’t comment on cost effectiveness.

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Launderette and only a couple of loads of washing a week!
£2 for 10 minutes and all our bedding was dry!

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Heated airer here seems cheaper. Plus, I can dry everything on it, where u can't tumble dry all our clothes for a start and I can fit most of a load on my heated airer as I have a big one, but I'd struggle to get it all in tumble drier and it actually dry everything too.
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