Parents of girls, how much have you paid for a prom dress?

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And can you recommend anywhere please? We live in London but happy to travel 1-2 hours away.

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We aren’t there yet as daughters only year 9,but we will go to red carpet ready in Lincoln. It looks amazing and so payment plans from what I’ve seen.

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Also, if you are coming. Make the most of it! We are in a little cute village with very good restaurants, pub, coffee places, a marina and Quay to walk around. If you are coming from far away, take advantage and spend the day here.

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Hi! I'm the owner of The Bridal Rack in Essex. It can be 1,5 hours bycar or train. We are on the high St of Burham on Crouch and we have prom dresses galore! The most simple ones start at £80 and we go up to £700. We do offer payment plan for new ordered dresses for 2024 prom or we have off the peg dresses at discounted prices for prom 2023. We work by appointment only.

You can look at some of our dresses on our website. We take pride in being a private boutique , so during your appointment is just you and us, not other shoppers in the boutique. The 1.5 hours the boutique is all yours only!

Post by Louise »

£600 I've just paid.

Post by Beverley »

My daughter has her prom this year then my other daughter has her next year I'm dreading it we live in Norfolk and there is literally maybe 1 or 2 very overpriced shops with prom dresses so we have to look online only so we have from now till July to buy and try as many proms dresses as possible and I don't have the money.

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Could we possibly use this post to buy & sell from eachother? I'm sure there's people who'd be interested in these beautiful dresses. From a Yr 11 Mum.

Post by Ruth »

I bought my daughters from asos for £70. I think it’s obscene how much some families feel they need to spend, whilst other families are struggling to even buy the ticket. There’s also plenty of bargains on eBay or vinted, dress only worn once, which can be dry cleaned.

Post by Roxanne »

My mum spent hundreds on our dresses. Gave me and my sister an idea and we are currently in the process of setting up a business where we hire prom dresses out at a fraction of the price. Happy to send over pics of all the lovely dresses we have. Saves spending a fortune on something that’s likely to only be worn once

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Go to Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park. It’s wholesale shops but open to the public on Saturdays.

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Paid £24.50 for my daughter’s prom dress from ASOS -we ordered a variety from a number of places of varying prices also from Next who carry a decent range as well and that was the one she wanted and looked amazing. Won the award for the best ‘Glow Up’ at her Yr11 prom in 2019.

Current Yr11 daughter isn’t even thinking about prom yet; trying to get through mock results and parents evening tomorrow first of all.

My advice is don’t go mad; it’s one night and it’s unlikely she’ll ever wear it again.
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