Looking for some help with dairy/gluten free party food

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Morning all, looking for some help with dairy/gluten free party food. its my daughter birthday party in a few weeks and we have a child coming who's dairy free. and another who possible is gluten free (waiting for results) and I want to make sure I have a nice selection for them.

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I have discovered that most shop bought sausages are now gluten free (all Asda sausages definitely are) also shop bought pastry is dairy free. Hope this helps.

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As well as some suitable foods, be careful of cross contamination, especially in a buffet style with kids fingers in all the foods. Prepare theirs first, and keep things separate.

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If you have a coeliac child I would suggest plating up theirs separately to avoid cross contamination. Genius do some good gluten free sausage rolls, or things like the tesco or sainsbury finest sausages are gluten free. Warburton do gluten free thins which are good for sandwiches and not as dry as gluten free bread (we always have to toast otherwise it feels a bit like the cream cracker challenge from years ago). Make the gluten free plate first, cover it up ans move it away and then do everybody else's. That way you avoid cross contamination.

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Cross contamination is the most overlooked issue, especially for gluten free . Any food you are preparing must be done totally separate to the other food. Even to the point please place on a different table once created and cover. My sons friend is so sensitive to this, yet his half sister not so. There are gluten free products you can buy rather than making your own too, morrisons do a fab selection of cakes etc.

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Most kids party stuff is/can be dairy free. You don't have to be buying special expensive things. But just make sure you have packaging on hand for parents to check. Most bake at home sausage rolls are dairyfree (just don't glaze with milk) biscuits like party rings and jammy dodgers, also bourbons - double check packaging.

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I have a crudités platter at every party and keep bread, meats and dairy dishes separate and on opposite side of the table. I've never had to deal with gluten issues though. But I think I'd set up a separate platter with store bought to be sure. Best of luck!

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Buy food boxes, think McDonald's. Make everyone one, but put the child's name underneath theirs so you know it's dairy free. If you put everyone's in separate boxes, they are all the same and the child won't feel different. Easier to set up too as you just pop a box at each place setting, and easier to clear up too as you just put everything in a black bag.

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Ben and Jerry’s do a dairy free/vegan ice cream, use lactose/dairy free spread in sandwiches, anything vegan is good for both options but if with meat just get the dairy/ gluten free pastry type ones they have them in all supermarkets also do cakes gluten/dairy free... good luck.
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