I had an idea with the solar panels!

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Hey everyone, I had an idea and wanted to see if anyone knew if there was a scheme already or if anyone had any ideas how I could set up.

So I recently got solar panels and when the weather was good yesterday I shipped 7kwh to the grid for free, until I get an export tariff setup which is only 6.4p a kwh, what I thought is if there was a way I could export and take no money but instead have the energy company offer that energy at a discount to at risk or struggling people.

I'd much prefer to have nothing but see someone get a discount rather than see energy company pay 6.4p and take 32p so they are making at least 25p profit.

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Doesn't fit in with the capitalist model of ripping people off so unfortunately, it's never going to happen.

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I'm not aware of such a scheme, however if you use Octopus for both supply and export you get something like 15p/kWh you export (as long as you're not on one of their EV tarrifs that gives you cheap import electric overnight).

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Take what you can and maybe donate the proceeds to someone that's struggling?

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No way that I know of is that possible.... What you could do though is install batteries to collect the unused power and use that at night-time or when there is no power to be collected instead of buying at a higher rate thereby saving you money and if you then wanted you could donate the difference in savings to a charity.

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You have no chance. The man power that would be required to do this is not worth it at all. It also wouldnt fit their narative.

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Sounds like the kind of social enterprise model that this country needs. Bravo. Worth exploring as every energy company has a CSR department.

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No, that isn't offered and electric companies profit massively off "feed in" tariffs. Best thing you can do is get a big battery energy storage alongside your panels and feed into that first so you use the vast majority of the power you create rather than letting big energy profit off you...

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Look at Rowan energy.
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