I have a question for an Airbnb unit

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Hi Designers,

I have a question for an Airbnb unit - the client has requested a durable and large couch that is NOT leather.. what materials would you use for this, knowing it will be destroyed and trashed in no time..?

Feel free to send links or great trade accounts I can utilise!

Thank you!

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If I have a client that requires something durable I always suggest using outdoor fabric. I have had a couch upholstered in outdoor fabric for 10+ years that has outlived many pets, full sun and children and still looks and feels fantastic.

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I design and run a number of Airbnb and IKEA seems to be the best for couches. You can buy spare covers that are always a great option

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I'd go with an IKEA sofa, most of them have removable and washable covers so you can buy a few extras and wash them in between guests.

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I would go with ones that have removable, washable covers. And I find ones with more of a weave in the fabric hold up better to wear and tear and don't show as much dirt.

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