I saw a post before about hot water bottle expiration dates but can’t remember how to work it it out

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Could someone help please?


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Out of date.. .made in 2016. 3 years usage you are ment to use them for. The petals are the months of the year so how many petals they are is what month it was made.

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The number inside the circle shows the year of manufacturing (if it says 16, that means your bottle was made in 2016). The twelve segments on the outside of the wheel indicate the month and the dots inside those segments reveal the week (if there’s three dots and they end in the eight segment, your bottle was made in the third week of August).

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The number in the middle is the year it was made and the ‘petals’ represent each month. There is little dots inside the petals that represent the 4 weeks of the month. You’re supposed to chuck them 3 years after the year they were made.

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My mummy bought me my first hot water bottle when I was 15, im now 36 and still use it every month.

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Used to have rubber ones u could feel them when they got thinner when bits of rubber came out when it was emptied thought that was the time to get a new one ha

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Mine was made before the Berlin Wall came down.

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I didn't know this but explain this one my old water bottle was very old prob ab9ut 15 years, so I bought a new one last Xmas from poundstrecher I've just looked, and it says 12! Is this thing actually correct.

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Most hot water bottles will have a big number embossed into them inside a symbol that resembles a daisy. This number shows you the year that it was made, so for example, 15 would mean 2015, and 20 would be 2020. It's recommended that you replace hot water bottles every 2 years (3 at an absolute push),

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The number is the year the water bottle was made and then the petals represent the months of the year, the dots in them represent the weeks of that month... If you look in the first one, all the weeks are dotted so it was made in the first week in December... The second one looks like it was made in Feb... The shelf life is supposed to be 3 years from manufacture.

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They should be replaced evert 3 years from when you get it.. yes ppls may last longer but you just never know whe they gonna go pop ot brust and being really hot Warter it's not worth it.. and you no I only found out this myself few months ago as my little sister was telling me her friends burst on her and burnt her bad..

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The middle is the year and the pettels on the out side that are filled with dots show what month. So if 2 pettels are filled with dots it means it was made in February.
Kay Le

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The rubber degrades because of oxygen and UV light. It becomes brittle and prone to split. Think about bicycle tyres or elastic bands that have been left for some time. They perish and crack. In fact using them flexes the rubber and increases it's life span rather than the other way around. They may look like new from the outside until pressure is applied. For a hot water bottle, that usually involves us leaning on it. Rubber bands have less additives so perish more quickly, a top tip is to store rubber bands in a sealed bag or container in the dark.

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I use mine for cold water pop it in the freezer and then use it on them hot nights in summer.

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They are hot water bottles not boiling water bottles.. use them according and don’t generate unnecessary landfill because of an arbitrary expiry date!
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