HELP NEEDED for my 73 year old Mum with NO HEATING for the past few MONTHS!

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"Long shot, but does anyone have WARM AIR CENTRAL HEATING powered by a gas boiler combination fan?  Would love to hear from you!"

⬆️This is a recent status from my Mum on her Facebook page. She has been without heating in a detached house for several months now due to not being able to find anyone that can fix her issue!

She is in the YORK AREA.

She does not want to install radiators.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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We have warm air heating. The engineers are few and far between. Ours is based in St Albans. They need totally different licences and often the cost of the course is not worth doing as too few houses have the system now. Contact Johnson and Starley for an engineer nearby.

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Helen please could you message me lovely I may know of someone who can help.

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If you look on the Gas Safe register and put in her postcode and warm air they will tell you who is registered to work on it in your area - we are gas safe but don’t do warm air as very few systems around.

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Has she tried check-a-trader or mybuilder? Both have multi skilled engineers and both should hopefully put her in touch with someone with the correct tickets. You can also check gas safe register for engineers in the area and can check what tickets they hold. All else fails call the boiler manufacturer and they’ll have to send someone, it maybe at a cost though.

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You might be able to contact the local area agency on aging or whatever it is called there. Perhaps they cna move her into warm housing and help her get $ for getting her heating fixed.
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