Need help what does everyone 11 years old use for a skin care and spots

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.. What's best out there?

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Cerave - I've have adult acne etc and it's made my skin amazing! Before all the Avon and body shop reps pop up, yes they do sell good products but when it's hormone based it better to keep it simple- cerave cleanser is a god send. Nicinimide is good for spots as well. Inkey list the ordinary, boots essentials.

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What is her skin type? My 10-year-old is having breakouts so I got her a little Clinique blemish control kit.

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Liz Earle but use the gel moisturiser as that is for oily skin. It’s worth every penny and they send you freebies that are worth £50 plus if you buy the monthly set. You won’t need to buy it every month probably just the cleanse and polish. My mum put me on it when I was 16 pretty much when it started and I’ve not used anything since! My daughter is on it I swear by it!

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I've tried all sorts and my niece said to try this. I started using it 2 weeks ago on my extremely spotty teenager, the spots are pretty much gone and no new ones have appeared. It's only a teeny tiny bottle but you only need to dab each spot.


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The best British make Salcura for spots-u wash your face with it then cream on. I do to my 14 yrs old boy ,the second day, you can hardly see it. Best thing ever. For any age.

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My boy washes face with tea tree foam wash and due to acne type spots uses sydilic acid cream on affected areas.

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I'd suggest a very clean diet. The only way I could get rid of spots was to cut out sugar and other junk and eat whole foods.

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Seaweed range from body shop great for younger skin, my son ised it for a while he has just moved to tea tree now he's 14, aveeno do a great face wash too

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Honestly my son had bad acne for years until he started using pro active plus, it's so worth every penny.
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