How long and on what setting would you cook the beef?

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Hey. I am cooking this beef joint in the slow cooker for tonights dinner. How long and on what setting would you cook it for?

Is there a guide somewhere on how long to cook certain sized joints as I cant find anything and never know how to cook them.


Post by Jordan »

Who’s cooking beef for an hour & 9mins, it’ll taste like rubber when it comes out.. on low, for about 6/7 hours.

Post by Ally »

Season with salt and pepper, sear the outside and pour in a 1/2 can of Guinness maybe some onion, carrot and celery chunks. Add some beef stock, Cook for as long as possible. Will be amazing.

Post by Sarah »

I do it all day on high with some onion, garlic and cover with beef stock that I then turn into the gravy.

Post by Danielle »

I cook mine in the slow cooker with a bit of water in the bottom for about 3hours on high take it out add onions and gravy to the water slice up the beef put it back in and cook on low for a further 3 hours and its perfect.

Post by Cleopatra »

Season with pepper. Sear it in the pan, chuck roughly chopped onions, carrots celery in the slow cooker. Beef on the top. Half a can of guiness, or half a bottle of red wine, half a pint of stock. Wrap the lid in a tea towel. 4 hours on low then 2 on high. Take it out let it rest. Blitz the juices and your gravy is done. Or overnight on low will have it ready for dinner.
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