Have any of you used DesignFiles to manage you business?

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Hi all lovely peoples! Question… Have any of you used DesignFiles to manage you business?

I am looking it to it and it seems great all in one kind of thing but just curious if anyone has actually used it? Thanks!

Post by Nikki »

I’m wondering the same and deciding between DF or Mydoma.

For those in Australia using Mydoma, I wonder how the customer service response time is dealt with being in different time zones?

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I just started using Mydoma and I love it!

Post by Heather »

I use DesignFiles because their mood board tool is top notch. However, the rest of it leaves something to be desired. I know of several designers who use both DesignFiles and Mydoma (DF for the mood boards, Mydoma for the business side) and that’s likely the direction I’m headed in, as well. There is non perfect system, it’s a matter of figuring out what works for you and your business model. Good luck!

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Hi, I use it, but am honestly considering a switch to DesignManager or something else. DF is easy to use and I like the mood board aspect, however, the floor plan and 3D are subpar. Also, not many financial & reporting options, which as I'm growing, is turning into a negative. They do have good service and they take suggestions and make small improvements.

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