Has anyone been refused at an airport for a passport that no longer looks like you?

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just checking as I fly in couple of month but I was 22 on photo which was used off my licence I'm now 34 and about 6 stone heavy and alot less hair.

Post by Lucy »

No and I really didn't look like me! A Thai passport lady asked 'where did this this thin pretty lady go?' very offensive but never refused!

Post by Ioana »

We had a delay entering the UK at Stansted when they were 4 (their passport photos were taken when they were a few weeks old and they were both asleep in them!). The border control lady ummed over the passports for a long time and then called her boss who dismissed her concerns and we finally were allowed in. This was the only time but I was glad to get their new passports afterwards as obviously a 5-year-old looks a lot different!

Post by Claire »

My airport work id would get refused. As i lost 5 stone inbetween pictures. However they hsve pointers to look for. I'm worried my daughters passport will get pulled up on as she looks like mira hindley in hers

Post by Shahana »

We have come back from Istanbul and lots of people were stopped because of the work that they had done to their face.

Post by Stacey-Louise »

Airport security are trained to look for signs on your face that wouldn't change, eye shape for example, not the picture as a whole, personally I don't look anything like mine.

Post by Matt »

Yeah, people coming back from Turkey with a full head of hair and gleaming white teeth. Didn't look like that flying out...

Post by Toni-Marie »

Dreading this on our next holiday 🙈 My lo is only a couple of weeks old in hers, now she's 3 and can be pretty shy with new people. Hoping they can just ask her big brother the questions and that he doesn't say he doesn't know her so he gets a holiday without her..

Post by Rachel »

When my dad came back in from holiday they mentioned it to him and said it would be a problem if he went to the USA.
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