It is my goal to work on large scale projects with builders and architects

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Hi Everyone,

It is my goal to work on large scale projects with builders and architects.

I started by just calling builders and introducing myself and offering a phone call or a meeting to discuss further.

I have my first meeting with a builder on Thursday. Up until this point, I’ve been “fake it til I make it” and learning as I go. Does anyone have tips and suggestions for topics that will come up and how to be best prepare myself so I don’t look like a deer in the headlights?


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Just keep in mind that's its not just about them liking what you have to offer. Do your research on the company and see what this builder is about. You are interviewing him as well as he is you 🙂

If he has worked with a designer before what are his expectations of this new contract and what amount of hours does he assign per project. Ask what projects are lined up and how many they do per year.

Have your charge out rate sorted in your head before you meet any builder. Know your worth and negotiate if necessary .

If all going well at the meeting ask to walk through one of their builds near completion. The state of a building site can speak volumes and you can check out the quality of the finishes and interiors.

Builders are mostly down to earth straight talking people. Be direct, be honest and be yourself. Good luck 🙂

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Builders are notoriously cheap.

Don’t give them a price until you’ve seen the actual project.

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Amanda is right, try discover what the expectations of each builder are. One important question I ask is if they have worked with other designers and what they liked/disliked about previous services.

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Builders are their own special breed. Every one of them are different. A lot of times they see ID’s as costing them $ or the project is going to be high maintenance. Prove the builder your value by taking some stress off of them.

One more thing my very first builder ever taught me about a job site. Don’t wear anything (including shoes with heals that make noise) that would attract men on their job site. If a builder is paying his subs by the hour and the sun spends 30 mins visiting with you, your builder is losing money. He always said “think OSHA approved” when u dress for a job site.

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