My Son 8 years and daughter 3 years both have scabies

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Good afternoon Dr. Thank you for all you do. My Son 8 years and daughter 3 years both have scabies as I was informed when we went to the hospital. They are currently on treatment.

My questions are:
  1. How did they come in contact with it? We are hygienic conscious in our home.
  2. When will the rashes cleared and itching stop, they gave us a cream for it, How can we prevent reoccurrences
Please can you enlighten me more on it since the doctor claimed he was so busy to give answers. Thank You.

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Scabies is caused by invasion of the skin by mites. Scabies is very contagious, it is spread by person to person contact and sharing of fomites.

It presents as itchy rashes on the back of the hands especially between the fingers, wrist, elbow, around the armpit, genitalia, ankles, feet and abdomen.
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