The double sink scenario in bathrooms

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Hi, I’m undecided, can someone enlighten me in regards to the double sink scenario in bathrooms? I can’t get my head around it.

I know it has become quite popular lately. Just want to know the pros.


Post by Fiona »

I’ll be having only one sink in our renovated bathroom.

Rarely 2 of us in the bathroom at the same time and I’d rather have the extra bench space.

Post by Toni »

We’ve had both - I prefer single sinks and extra counter top. I don’t love brushing my teeth next to someone

Post by Carmela »

Family of 6... with 3 girls, 1 boy....No issues with having 1 basin. Girls are happy to do their makeup in their bedrooms. And I have no issues with them using my ensuite when needed. But if you want to talk about necessity, we could definitely do with a 3rd know Cos when you gotta go, you gotta go. :)

Post by Dana »

Twice the cleaning. No thanks. In my opinion “wait your turn”, needs to be learnt at home and this is one of the first lessons. Why can we not wait for someone to wash their hands or brush their teeth? What’s next… two toilets in the bathroom so everyone can go together.

Post by Vani »

We are mid reno right now and made the choice in our ensuite to go the one basin and one mirror. We weighed it up and went for the extra bench space - we have 1200 bench - it’s not often we are using the bathroom at the same time so didn’t feel like it’s an issue

Post by Jeneva »

I can’t get my head around of either. Or the double mirror. My eye doesn’t like the look of the two. Feels like I don’t know where to look, there is no hero and I’m a bit drunk or confused - not really but yes also really. Happy for others to do it obviously, but I have learnt to not try to convince my eye to like things that feel weird to me. I like a house to feel intuitive and right without having to think much. I got a 1500 vanity with one basin and put it to one side so I could have room for flowers or a big vase of greenery! That’s always been my priority on a bathroom vanity. I was given good advice by a renovator once. Make your house how you live. Not how you want it to look like you live or think you should live or how others live or to suit for the small amount of time you have guests. So don’t spend much time questioning things. You usually already know what you want in most things.

Post by Grace »

I saw a post here previously where someone asked about them. Most people who had put them in said they regretted the lack of benchspace, didn't find it necessary and didn't like the extra cleaning. I personally think it's just part of this trend for all homes to be "luxe" (double basin, butlers pantry, double shower etc) and is not a necessary or practical thing.

Post by Erin »

It’s not for me. It’s a total waste of valuable space while I live on my own and even when I have lived with a partner, we never brushed our teeth or shaved together. I don’t get it. I’d rather have one sink and good vanity storage and then space to build or do other stuff

Post by Alex »

Of your have two bathrooms and the space I would put a double sink in the en-suite only. Unlikely kids use a bathroom at the same time after a few years just like a double shower in a main bathroom is ridiculous because siblings unless very young won’t shower together nor would guests. It’s more likely partners are up brushing teeth and getting ready for the day or a night out at same time so would be the only place it’s actually serving a purpose. If your partner is up and out earlier than you and your schedule then it’s not really worth it.

Post by Karen »

I love a double basin vanity, we get up at the same time and generally go to bed at the same time, no waiting for each other🤷‍♀️in our current home we have quite a small ensuite so my husband uses the main bathroom for his stuff. On a different topic, I don’t get the open shower/ wet room deal, so much area to wipe down and surely cold in the winter

Post by Beck »

We are a family of 6 and have never seen the need for double basins. Bench space is a priority in our book.

Post by Melissa »

Personal choice and depends what your priority is. When we built on I sacrificed a big shower to have a larger bench space that would accommodate a double basin in the ensuite. It was a massive annoyance to me when we had 1 bathroom and we were both getting ready at the same time. I could never go back to a single basin now, but it’s what you get used to.

Post by Melissa »

If you have HEAPS of bench space for two basins, go for it. But there's nothing worse than seeing two sinks & virtually no bench space. I'd rather have 1 basin & more bench personally

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it’s a pro if both people use it at the same time, like getting ready in the morning at the same time. Other than that, it’s just an extra thing to clean. Looks great though. Double the plumbing costs and double the fixtures cost.

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