I occasionally get an upset not long after eating

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I would love some advice. So over the last 3 years or possibly longer, I occasionally get an upset not long after eating. My gut grumbles, a bit of bloating, cramps, sometimes feeling hot with perspiration and then I have a toileting explosion 1, 2 or 3 times. After that I feel totally fine. Twice I was coming out both ends. I can eat the same meal multiple times and be fine, but randomly something will irritate my stomach. I will eat the same meal as leftovers and I will be alright. Sometimes I then go fairly regularly, or up to three days without going and sometimes constipated.

Currently I'm taking Vital All-In-One and oral greens powders, probiotic capitals, Cranberry and other tablets for my UTI's, Vitamin D and K.

Has anyone else experienced this or can help me what I should do or who I should see?


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This used to happen to me, turned out wheat was the culprit.. not sure if this helps you or not but solved my issues that sound like yours..

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It sounds like a few things are happening, what happened 3yrs ago that may have begun your symptoms?

Have you seen GP, functional medicine practitioners or other? I could recommend but you may get some good advice here, with so much happening it would be good to work through with someone who knows how to unpack it with you.
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