Is it possible to feel foetal movement at 6 weeks pregnant?

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Good morning doctors, please I have a couple of questions.pardon the long post..
  1. Is it possible to feel foetal movement at 6 weeks pregnant, I always have this rolling or bubbling feeling ,I feel it  more  when I sit or rest
  2. How do I accurately calculate my due date,my ovulation and period app calculated pregnancy to be 10 weeks i.e it used the lmp of the previous month before the actual lmp day , though had irregular periods since October, really confused
  3. Its my second pregnancy and I have no symptoms at all, absolutely nothing, should I be worried.Gone for pregnancy test 3 times,2 blood and one urine
Thanks in advance..

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It is NOT compulsory to have any symptoms in pregnancy. Did you confirm your pregnancy though or was it an assumption?

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