I was in the hospital for 5 days bt still feels the lightness

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Please help me. It's a very long story..

I gave birth vaginally on Friday, 30th of December (24 days ago) I was discharged the next day before 12pm. I started feeling weak, so I went in to sleep since I didn't sleep bcoz of contractions ND nursing of baby ND I was okay when I woke up.

On Sunday in the afternoon, I started feeling light ND weak frm head to toe ND was taken back to the hospital. My BP was 180, was given drips ND BP drug.  BP came down to 140. I was initially on BP drug cos my BP was 130 or 140 b4 getting pregnant ND the doc said I must stop the drugs if pregnant. When I was pregnant my BP came down very well to mostly 110 or 120 on few occasions but went to 130, 140  when I was  six to seven weeks to my edd.

I was in the hospital for 5 days bt still feels the lightness. Doctors said I should eat more ND drink enough water which I adhered to since being in hospital bt no changes till now . I eat every two hours ND drink lots of water bt still feels it.

My BP on Friday was 120/80 when I went to see the cardiologist ND he said I should continue the aldomet dat i've been using.

Pls help me, I av children ND a new born to take care of. My pcv is 38percent . I don't know what to do again o.

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Start by getting help from people around you. You need support of others with little things like carrying your babies, baby sitting, house chores etc.

Nursing a month old babies can cause you stress and sleeplessness and make your BP to continue to rise. Create time to sleep, continue to see doctors for follow up.

Continue to use drug prescribed by your doctor. Never give up. Do your sugar test too.
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