I’m thinking about buying a Coco Republic sofa

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I would like to ask you all about couches/ sofas. I’m looking around and I am very disappointed in the quality of the l couches now days.  

So I’m thinking about buying a coco republic sofa which has plastic springs and feathers.   They don’t scotch grade and the couch I’m looking at is 100% linen.  It does have reverse able cushion ( can use both sides). We have a king living module at the moment but it bleeds feathers all the time.

Another couch we have was a cheaper couch which is just foam and has warn well considering it’s age and massive use.( children theatre room).

Went looking at other couches at pottery barn and west elm and they just didn’t look like quality.  

So like to hear everyone opinion on there purchases and how well they lasted. I’m in Perth.

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I'd avoid Plush like the plague. Their quality is shocking. Do you have Berkowitz is Perth? We've bought couches and chairs from them and they quality has been brilliant

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We have a lot of Coco Republic furniture, including the exact sofas pictured in your photos (the Ashley sofa). We've had them for about a year now and I've been very impressed with the quality. One thing I wasn't expecting (pleasantly suprised) was how easy stains are to get off these sofas. Most of the time, if the kids spill something, I can wipe it off with nothing more than water. It's like they've been scotch guarded (but I know they haven't, because I never got around to doing it) or the fabric just repels stains somehow. I would purchase again in a heartbeat just for this reason alone.

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If you want a couch with a good quality guarantee I’m gonna say it …. Shop at Amart. I work there and they cover some of the most ridiculous purposeful damage. I obviously don’t say anything because I have full faith telling my customers that if something goes wrong amart will take responsibility because I’ve seen many times. Their quality guarantees range from 3 years for the cheapest $50 item to 25. All furniture comes from the same place these days , the suppliers make things very similar for all stores and make changes accordingly so they don’t have the exact piece. Unless you’re getting it from a place where it’s hand made in Australia then it’s coming from Asia.

Harvey Norman for example do a sliding scale quality warranty and it can add up to 5 years but each problem is covered by 1 year. There electronics are only covered for 6-12 months. All of these places are just convincing you that their products are better than amart when they’re not. Amart has a signature range that is incredible quality. The only thing that separates them is that amart actually sticks by their quality guarantees when Harvey’s will send customers 30 page terms and conditions on why they won’t cover said damage.

Shop with amart and you will have peace of mind spending your hard earned money. The only cheaper place is fantastic furniture and I had a look but all of their couches are hard and uncomfortable.

Also if your lounge has a 10 year quality guarantee so will all of your electrics and amart will send someone to replace them with no cost to you.

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Coco republic isn’t great quality man. I know people who make and import for them. You’d be SHOCKED at where it comes from and what it really costs to make.

Buy something that specifically says made in Australia. Or get Maker & son or something properly good quality. Coco republic is no better than an online furniture retailer.

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Never go feather - too much work

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We have a sofa from King Living now and have been very happy with it. Prior to this we had a linen Coco Republic sofa with feathers and it was a disaster. The feathers always came out and the sofa sagged and was uncomfortable. The material faded badly also so it was a huge waste of money and looked shitty after only a couple of years.

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Personally wouldn't buy anything from Coco Republic. All looks.. Try Molmic (Melb based) if you want quality, or look at loungedesigner, now owned by Molmic. My sofa is now 15 years old and definitely due for reupholstering or replacement, but only due to kitty factor.

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I paid $6000 for a couch from Provincial in December 2021. The feather seat cushions are so sunken in, saggy and look sloppy and they have pilling on the fabric, I’m so disappointed in it and would not recommend.

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