I have had a rough day today

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I’ve been on the phone arguing with the insurance company arguing with them about covering my insulin. It’s sad that I had to go through all of this and still didn’t get insulin. It’s very complicated and more to the story, but I’m just frustrated and disappointed.

Just wanted to connect with someone who understands!

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For what reason. Life water (insulin) is kind of necessary.

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Wth! I’ve had this argument too! So frustrating! Good energy and juju and thoughts being sent. PM me if I can help you. I’ve learned some tricks of the trade!

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You are completly valid!

I know insurance companies like to play doctor. However I do know that they have to cover insulin. Might not be the brand you want, but legally they have to cover something. If you're like me, I'm allergic to novalog, so I got a medical nessesity for humalog. Had to pay a bit more but insurance covered majority.

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I'm wondering if there's anything in the American Disability Act they can be threatened with. They'd pay a heck of a lot more if you have to go the hospital because the insurance won't pay for insulin?!? Makes me so mad!

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I’m sorry that insurance companies are not being helpful. Have you looked into saving cards? We don’t have insurance coverage and pay $35 total for lantus and Apidra. Those are both Sanofi insulins. I believe the other brands also have similar deals. It doesn’t fix the insurance issue, but it does get you affordable insulin in the mean time.
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