Type 1 diabetic + Sinus infection + Constant vomiting

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You know you're a type 1 diabetic when you go in to get treated for a sinus infection and constant vomiting... And they immediately say that you're in a mild DKA from uncontrolled diabetes... But don't address the other symptoms and try to admit you for uncontrolled diabetes.

When your sugars haven't been over 200 in months.

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so this used to make me mad all the time until I worked in an office where they told me if they didn’t file it as uncontrolled a lot of insurances won’t pay for the necessities to treat your diabetes while in the hospital.

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Our medical & Insurance systems are so messed up, you have to file ridiculously in order to be paid. Some of the filings are so outlandish & if you do not have medical insurance you get screwed royally.

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Sometimes urgent care listens better than hospitals. Went to ER New Year's Day for shortness of breath. After 12 1/2 hours, he blew me off, didn't admit, did nothing short of giving me info on kidney disease and telling me how important it was to go to dialysis when I never miss. Saw a new GP who immediately put me on steroids. Never mentioned my diabetes.

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The word "uncontrolled" is what bums me out. It assumes you don't take care of yourself and your life-threatening disease, it maybe applies to a small percentage of diabetics. Hopefully they can summon up a better word, is that too much to ask?
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