Are Fiasp and NovoRapid interchangeable?

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My diabetic nurse has changed my rapid insulin from Novorapid to Fiasp. Was just after any tips on fiasp please, as I believe it works quicker than novorapid

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I’m a type 1 and so is my youngest daughter. She uses Fiasp and it works amazingly for her. I’ve been a type 1 for 41 years and tried it out a year or so ago. I found it to be amazing for my meals, but it didn’t work for corrections. So if I was 15 point something, the Fiasp just wouldn’t work to get me back in range. Great for meals, but not for corrections for me. But it’s great all round for my daughter. X

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I was changed onto it a while ago because I could only dose after eating as I am never sure how much of a meal I will eat. If you are on the tslim pump, be aware that some do have issues with fiasp. I’d have stayed on it if it worked properly for me in my tslim. I’m now on lyumjev which is the same kind of thing just the faster acting version of humalog. Lyumjev stings a lot more than fiasp does

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I take it either during or after my meal. It's a more flexible insulin and I find it a lot better. You can also take just before your meal too as normal but never wait to eat after you've taken it as it is very quick acting

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It does work faster but also finishes sooner so be aware of fattier meals as may need split bolus or extra bolus later for very slow release carbs.

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It was a life saver for us. My daughter hit puberty and novo rapid couldn’t cut it. Fiasp is absolutely amazing
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