My blood sugars well controlled barring pregnancy hypos

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Hi guys, Im almost 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I've been diabetic for 6 and a half years. Last month I had my annual diabetic eye screening which came back all normal, they booked me one in last week to get them tested in pregnancy and my results have come back that I have some background retinopathy.

I'm in complete shock that it's changed within a matter of weeks.

My blood sugars well controlled barring pregnancy hypos. I've always looked after myself the best I can.

Please can anyone give advice or reassurance

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Background retinopathy is variable. It can come and go. I've had it for about 15 years now with no further issues. Yes, keep an eye on your eyes - good advice for everyone with Type 1. But don't panic about background retinopathy. Keep doing what you're doing. Go to your eye checks. Control your sugars as well as you can. And try not to stress over it.

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I had a background retinopathy letter after one eye appointment. Luckily all have been normal since. It can change back to normal. I think as the body is under so much pressure when you are pregnant, they check constantly which is good. Hopefully it will dissipate after birth and you will have normal results there after. Take care and good luck!

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Not when pregnant but I had it once, it was checked again months later it was fine again. never had it come back like that again since. Try not to worry, if you’ve got good control over you blood sugars

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They test in pregnancy specifically because it puts more pressure on your eyes. I was also only recently told that lows (not just highs) have been found to cause damage to the eyes, so if you’re having more lows and if they’re more stubborn ones then that will probably be why the changes. But remember that pregnancy is a short term “condition” and when it’s over, the extra pressure on your eyes will go away. Keep looking after yourself, try not to worry too much. Minor changes are reversible, and they’ll be keeping an eye on you to make sure you’re doing okay.

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This isn't necessarily as bad as it sounds - it could just be a warning. I had background retinopathy show up on a scan about ten years ago - they told me about it, I tightened stuff up and there's been no sign of it since then. Don't panic!
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