Which is better Tandem or Medtronic insulin pump?

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It’s looking like I’m going to have to change pumps as the Omnipod isn’t working for me. My choices will be the Tandem or Medtronic. Does anyone have any pros and cons to both to help me decide?

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Can I ask what issues you are having, why it isn’t working for you? And what insulin are you using? Asking as I am using omnipod with Fiasp and feeling frustrated with it. It’s not keeping me stable at all, very much a rollercoaster and corrections are slow to kick in, if at all. I never used to run so high on mdi but struggle to imagine having a tubed pump.

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I have only ever used the medtronic. Unfortunately I haven't been lucky with the canulas which get bent then I end up in dka. My personal situation are present is I'm maxing out the pump and it working/ struggling to accommodate my needs. Therefore at present I have gone back on to injections. The technology is there and it does work but it's only suitable for a percentage of people.

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I use Medtronic 780G and love it. It's closed loop with the cgm so I don't have to worry about adjusting basals. I just make sure I carb count as accurately as possible. I use the sure T canulas as they work best for me.
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