I had the drama of taking my insulin thinking

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.. “I’m going to make a cheese toastie, I’m really craving one.” I take the insulin, knowing the carb ratios, then get to the break only for it to be out of date - I didn’t realise because usually break is just something my mum picks up… I’m not lazy I swear my mum just had a hip replacement and I’ve been shopping and getting everything for dinners with me and my younger sister cooking, but I just didn’t think about bread now I’m rummaging through the cupboards to make up something for the carbs I bloused for!

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As long as the bread isn't mouldy it will be fine. In fact slightly stale bread makes better toast/toasties!

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Tip for the future, keep bread in the fridge it'll last at least a month! I laughed when my sister told me but I've been doing it for ages and a loaf of bread lasts me ages.

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Try to not take your insulin until you've started making it, or just before you eat. I actually don't take mine until I've finished now as I have stomach issues and don't always finish my meal but I've been put on Fiasp as it's really quick acting.

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We don't use much bread so keep it in the freezer, and just take out slices when we want it.
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