A high rise apartment on 43 floor in an inner city apartment

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Not a NORMAL questions 😜 but hoping some of you have experienced.

Hubby and I live in our first purchased home, renovating it only a few years ago. 4brms, 2bathroom, 2 living, 2 dining, large deck and backyard and after 22 wonderful years here, we are thinking of mixing it up and downsizing into a high rise apartment on 43 floor in an inner city apartment. Are we crazy 😜 , any advice welcome 🙏

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Maybe😂😂I’d give it a try first… personally I’d rather a townhouse so less maintenance, but my own real estate I can do what I please. Apartments can be amazing and also noisy and stinky. I’ve stayed in high rise apartments in cities on holidays and love it, but I think long term it would drive me nuts ☺️ best of luck such an exciting time!! (PS: I’ve moved into a townhouse myself. Minimal maintenance. I don’t miss cleaning up after chickens but I do miss my fruit trees and vege/herb gardens. I have a small garden and void area and can’t wait until it’s finished so I can get my ‘green fix’ ☺️

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Do a tester: rent for a while. Apt living did not work for us. Body Corps always problems, no greenery, no privacy and a lot of noise. So we moved to a smaller duplex, own land but no lawns only garden, two on block and no body corporate. We love it.

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Make sure you check out all the minutes for the Body Corporate meetings. A lot of apartments have serious structural issues, especially the new ones. Plus the strata levies can be really expensive if there is a gym, pool etc. or if the building is getting old....so make sure you know whats happening with the 'sinking fund'...or if there are plans to do something expensive in the future that you will have to contribute to. Definitely don't believe the agent selling it

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Try renting out your home and renting inner city. While it won’t be the same as owning you will get a feel for the space, noise and also amenities of inner city living before you commit.

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Sold our 4 bedroom house for 3 bedroom inner city apartment 3 years ago. It's freed up so much time to actually do things I want to do as opposed to maintaining things we didn't really need any more. I don't miss a garden at all, big tiled balcony with views works for me when I'm home.

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Strata fees and too many neighbours sharing common areas and speciality the lift. Can’t get the mail in my pyjamas 🤣 Not to mention keeping noise to a minimum and putting up with noise from upstairs and downstairs. Not for me.
Di Bakon

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Do it!!! We did it and we are not looking back! We purchased a 10 year old apartment (therefore not struggling with new building issues) and we are currently renovating this is our second apartment in the city and we love it - spent 20 years on acreage and dont miss a thing - we had 20 lovely years of gardening etc now we spend our time doing other things.

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One important consideration is will you and your hubby be able to walk down 43 flights of stairs during an evacuation. We lived on the 19th floor and had to evacuate at 1 am because the guy next door fell asleep whilst cooking and his kitchen caught fire. I have heard that the fire brigade ladders only reach the 16th floor (I could be wrong though). Just something to think about.

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