How did you deal with abbot/libre deliveries?

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Will they leave them with a neighbour if you leave a note or something?

I was told you have to be in and they won’t leave it or retry another day, I’ve got one due today and the slot is right at school run time so even if I wasn’t at work, I’d be out getting my kids from school!

The last delivery they actually showed up 2hrs before the slot which was good for me but doesn’t help with planning our life!

Why are they so impractical and unhelpful

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Depends upon the carrier? Royal Mail or Parcelforce, you should be good? The others, Useless Parcel Service (UPS), Dodgy Parcel Deliveries (DPD), EVRI one's a Loser Babe and If brains were TNT he couldn't blow his cap off, where your parcel ends up is in the hands of the Gods, unlikely to be your address? x

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My neighbour who is on the libre had a replacement sent out but wasn't in. I live just around the corner, about 3 doors away, and the delivery driver let me take it in for her. Didn't even ask who I was! Think it depends on the delivery driver.

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Hope they work for you personally although I managed ok with Libre 1 when I was forced to change to Libre 2 I could not get the alarms to work other than the signal loss alarm. I have invested money I can't afford from my pension in a three month supply of Dexcom One which is supposed to be available on the NHS. I have used two sensors so far and find it pretty accurate, alarms work great no signal loss and no issues with them coming off. If you find L2 a challenge you might want to see if you can try Dexcom one. Good luck.

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Depends on delivery driver - when I've had to get a replacement if I'm not in it's left in my safe place or just put through window which is opened for the cats!

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If I am out, I leave a note stuck to the front door, signed, asking driver to leave parcel in porch. We are lucky to live in a quiet cul-de-sac, with a secure porch, and this has never been an issue.
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