What happened if a male cat still blocks *after* PU surgery?

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I mean, the surgery is healed, stitches removed today. But he's showing signs of blocking. Straining to pee, peeing multiple times and only small amounts.

He's going in for an ultrasound, but what can we expect long term? He is on a very strict urinary s/o diet (purina pro plan dry + wet), not even any treats or anything else at all.

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No dry food. It’s bad for them. Any cat The surgery only makes the opening wider but can still have crystals or inflammation.

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Honestly I'm not even sure, but I'm commenting in case there's any info that comes to light in case it's something I'll have to worry about down the road with my little mister. My ThunderCat refuses to eat wet food, but he went from constantly having issues to absolutely none once we swapped him to kattovit urinary food and treats. Oddly he will actually eat the creamy treats and occasionally the liquid diet supplements but ONLY from kattovit.

I am not sure where all kattovit is even available, I moved to Germany and it's the only urinary brand that he seemed to like and he's not had any issues in years~ urinary wise since swapping him over to it. We were told that if swapping him didn't work he'd need surgery because his urethra is just very small.

The first vet in Germany we took him to tried to insist that it's because Americans fix their male cats too early but we changed his vet because that first vet found out he wasn't fixed anywhere near as early as what he assumed but still wanted to insist it must have been what the issue was but the two other vets we saw did not agree and thought it was odd that the first vet tried to be so adamant about it even after seeing that his medical records didn't even match the guys assumptions.

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How far post surgery is he? Inflammation and spasms can cause straining and discomfort during healing. Those can be treated with meds for a few days or weeks while the healing is done.
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