My girl seems to all of a sudden be releasing her bladder in the house

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.. I suspect a bladder infection as she is also urinating more. I'm definitely bringing her to the vet but I also wanted to see if anyone has other suggestions/home remedies/supplements that they find helps their fur babies in regards to this issue

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Take her to the Veterinarian. If she has a bladder infection, she will need an antibiotic.

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There are no home remedies. To prevent it you will need to find the cause.

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If she is desexed it can be due to low estrogen. Ask vet to investigate this as they can organise estrogen medication that will resolve the issue.

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Take a fresh urine sample with you! I reserve a soup ladel just for that and a new zip lick bag is a great way to store it and keep it in the fridge until you can get the sample to the vet. Once they diagnose the issue there are great meds to remedy things. If it’s an infection antibiotics will clear it up.

If it incontinence there are meds for that. My vet prescribed cranberry powder, B vitamins and Azodyl, which is a probiotic for the kidneys.

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They make cranberry additives or bladder support supplements to help with urinary issues but it most likely won’t completely get rid of it.
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