Our dog is not sick or ill in anyway, He just has a chronic

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Looking for some advice. One of our dog has developed an irrational fear of our other dog when he coughs. She has an all out panic attack if he even kind of coughs. This started when he had kennel cough last summer and she's had an issue ever since.

He only coughs once or twice a day randomly so it's hard to be prepared or teach her that there's nothing to worry about because it happens so infrequently. I've tried carrying treats around with me 24/7 so that I can give her a treat any time he happens to cough but it's really difficult to maintain that.

It seems like when our dog does happen to cough it's often in the middle of the night at which point she freaks out and wakes us up in an attempt to get to us for safety (not even sure what she's afraid is going to happen to her). And obviously, he has no understanding that his coughing is affecting her.

Does anyone have any ideas how to help her or what we could try?

Also... our dog is not sick or ill in anyway. He just has a chronic (but infrequent) cough.

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Have you tried Chillax? It is a calming product that may help her remain calmer during his coughing. It also has cbd so it will help calm her mind and her body. Perhaps this could help her. It is safe to use daily, or for during stressful situations.

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I would stop using the treats. Mainly bc if the timing isn’t just perfect treats may be telling her it’s okay to panic when other dog coughs. One would need to divert her attention before the cough starts to distract her with another behavior command and treat.

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It’s probably best to completely ignore these event, do not try to comfort, treat or console her in anyway or you will be promoting the behavior.
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