Are the poundcakes OK for my dog to have every once in a while?

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So I make poundcakes for humans. My dog always gets a few crumbs and he gets so excited when he smells them baking. Are the ingredients listed OK for him to have every once in a while? I want to start making small cakes for him on birthdays and such.

Flour, milk, eggs, different flavor extracts, sugar, butter.

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Why not try to make dog cookies instead? I normally make mine with flour, apple sauce (unsweetened), pumpkin, peanut butter, and a little bit of cinnamon. That way your pup doesn’t get all the added sugars

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Flavor extracts and sugar should be avoided.

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No. A dog biscuit alone is like a snickers bar for humans. When you add in the dugar and extracts it becomes way too much bad stuff for your pooch. There are recipes for homemade dog cakes as well as cookies. Some people freeze items too as many dogs like ice cubes.

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There's alot of dog cake recipes out there to make it a bit more healthy. I'd imagine as long as each ingredient is safe it's okay, and a small cake once a year would be good hut don't overdo it. I'd definitely avoid any flavor extracts and I wouldn't want to be giving my dog anything with a ton of sugar and butter in it. Theres recipes that make it better suited for them.

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Also for anyone who doesn't know, I found out recently if you add vanilla extract to ur pancakes your dogs cannot have them since they cannot digest the alchohol in the extract.

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Well for starters I would replace sugar with monkfruit. Taste pretty similar doesn't affect your glycemic index. And if your gonna make dog cookies I would see about peanut powder.
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