Do cats mourn? Are they reacting from my sad moments?

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I know this topic comes up but I guess since the pain is new I need confirmation on how it is. I'm in my 60's and until last January I've never experienced having to say good bye to a pet ending in death. So last Jan we lost our Pomeranian and our 3 remaining pets did "not" show any sign of mourning. I did, and a year later I felt I was still trying to get past it. He would have been 17. Now on Jan 25th we lost our Sheltie. He would have been 16 next week. So we have a 14 yr Maltese/Shiz Tzu. She was shaking until last night and is more clutchy, plus she has her health issues but our cat is now so vocal since the 25th. As soon as she wakes she's meowing until she sees where we are.

Do cats mourn? Are they reacting from my sad moments? I'm doing better myself. I'm thinking you keep everything the same and not overly physically or change anything for them?? The photo with just our cat Bailey and Holly in the doggie playpen, cat Bailey never would go in there. They've always been buddies but the cat surprised us again since Skippers passing.

I have learned, for myself,  I shouldn't have gotten our fuzzy pets so close in age.

Your thoughts please.

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Yes, I do believe cats and all animals mourn. We have (had) two cats, litter mates, brothers, 17 years old. One passed two months ago. Since then his brother, who never talked much, talks continuously. We reply to him and give him a lot of attention. That seems to comfort him. I’m sure he’s missing his brother. So sorry for your loss, that is a beautiful crew of companions.

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Definitely pets mourn, it's as hard on them as it is for us.
It's never easy saying goodbye.
Lots if cuddles for them.
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