My dog who is 8 years old female started doing this weird thing

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.. but I don't know how to put it into words it's not like a hacker like she's heaving or anything but it's like a snorting type hiccup thing that lasts a few seconds that comes and goes and she expands her stomach like she breathes really hard just for a second. She's not acting sick or anything but I don't know what it could be?

I'm going to try to get her in the vet soon but that seems to be a very difficult task these days everywhere short-staffed and booked up.

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Could be a reverse sneeze.

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One of my dogs does that. Look up reverse sneeze - There's even a YouTube video - and see if that's what your dog is doing. In my dog's case, it's caused by allergies and nothing to worry about.

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Maybe kennel cough, has she been somewhere with other dogs reciently?
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