My dog.. She has not been gaining weight and looks like she’s losing weight

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I need advice on my dog, she’s acting herself she’s happy she’s taken care of she eats a lot, BUT she has not been gaining weight and looks like she’s losing weight.

I have tried giving her different food, more of her food, wet food & nothing seems to be working , we’re in a financial bind so taking her to the vet is going to be absolutely a last resort but if I had the money I would definitely have taken her already.

Don’t be rude please.. TIA

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Needs to be seen by a vet for bloodwork as there is most likely an underlying condition.

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I would worm her, the vet nurse will weigh her give her the right dosage. Most vets let you buy them single dosage so don't cost much . No consultation fee.

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Can you post a picture? I agree with above, fecal tests are easy to do and generally don’t cost much. Also your vet should definitely allow you to come in and just do weight checks without an exam. I see many people worried about their dog’s weight, but they actually are at an ideal size. It’s far more common to see overweight dogs and I think people are starting to view that as preferable unfortunately

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Do you know if she has worms? That can cause weight issues too. You should really be on a nutrient dense diet, but those are pricey. My suggestion, create a nutrient dense diet by adding canned tuna or salmon into her foods. I do this with my dogs, I add those plus chicken, carrots, spinach, and sweet potato. They love it! High in protein and omegas! Plus, it is a lot cheaper on your budget.
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