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.. I recently adopted a cat in late November. He’s sweet as pie and he’s already bonded with me. He was relatively healthy when I adopted him. Just had to neuter him and have him treated for some parasites.

Fast forward, I find mold in my apartment and have to hastily move in with some friends. He’s adjusting well to the new place. We’ve been here since January 1st.

He lets both my roommates pet him and he’s using his litter box and being a generally good kitty. My one roommate has a medium sized dog who has a LOT of energy. (Not very well trained either). We’re trying to teach him not to run after Spooky (my cat).

Spooky hides either in my room or under the living room chair when he’s afraid of the dog. I built him a little kitty door so he could go in my room when I’m not home. They’ve started interacting with each other a little.

The dog is starting to learn if he doesn’t act fast the cat won’t run away.

I caught them playing with a ball together the other day.

And I also spotted my cat swatting at the dogs tail in a playful manner.

Is there anything we as humans can do to speed up the process of them becoming friends?

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Get a pet diffuser for stress and give them supervised playtime as often as possible.

Talk to the friend with the dog about training their animal.

Give your cat as many high up getaways as possible so ur cat can get to safety in the event the dog decides to get rough or if your cat feels stressed.

Don't let the dog into your room. That way your cat has a space just for them and they feel completely secure in there. This can sometimes help with territorial issues.

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No. Watch them closely and correct anything of concern with a firm tone and lots of positive reinforcement.
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