Is it an SEO person's job to do Keyword Research for Google Shopping Ads?

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Or it is the work of a person who has been hired to run Google Ads and other paid Ads.

He has given me a list of brands and products to do Keyword Research. But I'm busy with my SEO work and I don't know how Google Shopping Ads work. So am I the right person to do Keyword Research for Google Ads?

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SEOs are generally better at kw research!

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You could post on facebook saying its not your job. OR you could just think... "meh, as an SEO I "should" already have all the data that this guy needs when doing KW research for the SEO campaign, i'll speed up the process for him, keep the client happy and we all win"

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How can a person with running add have the technical knowledge about targeting the right keyword it's the job of seo person as keyword is the part of seo how can you ask such question as an seo guy ? :D

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Bro as a experienced SEO expert I would suggest you that keyword research for Google ads is not part of your Jd there is a difference in seo and sem both have different goals.

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Of course, we already have the data or at least you should.

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You should share your data for sure, but if the goal of the paid campaign is sales, conversions etc and ads are already running then a component SEA should know which keywords convert best.

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SEO and SEM arguably target different stages of the sales funnel. SEO is more top end of the funnel or middle. SEM is more middle to bottom funnel. Keywords are vastly different depending on where the customer sits in the funnel.

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I’m confused. You don’t bid on keywords for google shopping.

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Google Shopping Ads use Merchant Center product data. Not keywords.

However, SEO Keyword Research is different from Keyword Research for Google Ads.

Content strategy is different too when you write to rank your content in Google search as compared to writing content for a landing page.
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