I have a 1 1/2 year old German Shepard who was kicked or stepped on on her back hip/tailbone

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.. (I don’t know exactly) by a cow about 5 days ago. She wasn’t moving around very good for a few days but she was getting up to eat and drink.

She has been walking very slowly and has started moving a little better yesterday and today.

My biggest concern is that she isn’t squatting to pee and doesn’t seem to be able to control it.

Her bed was covered in urine when I went out yesterday morning. Our vet is very expensive and I can’t take her in.

Should I be extremely concerned or is this something that will get better as she heals?

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She needs to be taken in for an exam and painkillers at the least. Possibly imaging depending on the exam.

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I would be worried about her pelvis... should have xrays done to be sure there isn't any fractures (especially if she isn't urinating normally) and needs pain meds if she's that sore.

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There is most likely neurological issues. She needs to be seen by a vet as she is most likely in pain.

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This is definitely an emergency and needs a vet, if you can't afford to take her and can't do care credit I hate to say it but you might have to look into surrendering her so she can get help. This could be something the vet can handle but if you wait it might be too late. I was so terrified I was going to have to rehome my cat recently but care credit really helped me.
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