So lately my cat has been having some random breathing problems

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…. She is 7 years old and She’s been seen by the vet a few times, has been on steroids and antibiotics, had a full body x-ray, sinuses flushed and now on her second round and steroids only because I found that steroids helped with her breathing.

Next step is to have an echo done because her heart did look “heart shaped” as the vet said..

But so far all he can say is asthma…

He’s honestly pretty stumped. Also, her breath smells like rotten meat…

idk if it have anything to do with going on. But. any personal experiences with this?

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Did they check the kidneys? Kidney problems causes bad breath and stressed breathing.

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The smelling breath can come from dental or gastro problems as well. If it’s asthma, I would start practicing and training to use an inhaler and eventually switch from oral steroids to the inhaler - it’s better on her organs.
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