I’m not really sure as what to do other than taking my dog to the vet

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.. I haven’t taken her yet, because I’m not sure what is going on with her.

Let me back track a little, my dog is about 2 1/2, 3 in August, she’s a pittie/boxer mix. She’s been acting like her normal self, but she’s barely eating.

I mixed an egg into her dry food and she ate about half of her bowl two days ago, and today while I was at work my mom said she ate a little bit for her as well (roughly the same amount) she usually will eat her entire bowl when it’s her feeding time.

I believe she could be depressed as we had put one of our other dogs down a couple weeks ago due to him being extremely sick, he was also her best friend. (Reason why I believe she’s depressed and not eating) BUT I am not a veterinarian or licensed in the field at all.

I am just beyond worried about her, it literally brings tears to my eyes.

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I have many cats ive had a few who had a buddy one was so depressed he stripped his hair off his legs arms tummy his owner had died he is still low i tried lextra love and feliway plug in he's still low they suffer bereavement like us my other cat died too his friend was sad it takes time x

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Best thing to do is rule out anything medical first.

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If other dog was so sick it had to be put down perhaps she is sick too. But dogs do grieve. But for sure vet time to rule out sickness.

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Once you rule out medical issues for her then it’s very possible she is grieving. Once you have ruled out illness then get her involved with you and lots of attention and activity. She may not understand where her friend has gone and why.

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There are many possibilities with decreased appetite unfortunately, and very well may be grieving. You could start by dropping off a stool sample to check for parasites and you could take her temperature at home but it ultimately sounds like she needs a diagnostic work up to determine what is going on. They may need to run blood work take x-rays etc. I hope she feels better soon.

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Watch her for awhile, if she has no other symptoms of physical illness. If she is eating some, peeing, pooping, drinking water she is probably ok to just observe for awhile. Dogs and cats do grieve. If the other dog was her "bestie", then naturally she is grieving. Hope she gets better. And, of course, if you have any true concerns, take her to the vet right away. But, as I said, if there are no other signs of illness, I think you are ok to just watch her for awhile.
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