What happens if my cat eats raw egg?

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PLEASE HELP!! I was getting ready to make scrambled eggs and while I was using the restroom my cat knocked over the bowl with the raw eggs (whites and yolk) and her and my two dogs were eating them. Should I take them to the vet?

When I googled it I read raw eggs are dangerous to them but growing up my grandma would always add a raw egg to her dogs bowl so I’m not sure if this is an emergency or not. I’d guess they got to about two or three eggs by the time I caught them

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Raw eggs are standard in some dogs diets xx

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I give my pups raw eggs all the time, helps with skin and coat. Will probably help the kitty with fur balls too.

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I wouldn't worry I often put 4 or 5 raw eggs into there feed as part of there diet.

If you do scrambled eggs add a tin of tuna to it, it stinks but my lot love it

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They'll be fine. It's actually good for them.

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Not an emergency, just keep an eye out for an upset tummy. Might see some soft stools. If they get unwell then talk to your vet (possible salmonella) but otherwise keep an eye on them for the next few days.

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The only thing this is going to hurt is your wallet! :D

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Most dogs handle raw eggs with no problem. I’ve given them to my dog as a topper for their food. As with anything new that is introduced to their diet, there could be some soft stools. But generally, dogs handle raw egg pretty well. If I’m out of his wet food, then I’ll still sometimes use raw egg as a topper
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