Why does my cat's breath and poop smell so bad?

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Hello everyone! I feed my cats only raw meat nothingelse but their poop and pee has a strong smell plus their mouth stinks especially when they burps.

Any suggestions?

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Most likely because you are no feeding an appropriate diet. How are you making the raw?

Post by Alind »

Are you working with a vet or pet dietician to formulate diet? Raw is REALLY not recommended. You run alot of risk for parasites and salmonella AND raw diets are very hard to properly balance. And cats need more than meat, if you're only feeding meat your cats aren't getting the nutrition they need. All of these issues are telltale signs of bad diet.

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Raw is great for cats being they are obligated carnivores. BUT you have to balance it properly so your pet is getting the proper ratios of organ, muscle, bone etc. Please be sure you're working with a pet nutritionalist and not just doing it yourself

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With what you said this will be to what you are feeding your cat, raw is not highly recommended, for many reasons, I suggest speaking with your vet as there may be better alternatives.

Yes cats (and dogs) are carnivores but the cats and dogs we have today wouldn't be found in the wild, what we have today is not suited to have raw food or anything like it, most people who feed raw experience this amongst many other problems.

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You are not feeding your cat a proper diet. You need to feed your cats properly or they will suffer from malnutrition and other problems. If you don’t know how to properly balance their food, then just feed them WSAVA compliant commercial foods like Purina, Royal Canin, and Science Diet. Or consult with a Veterinary Nutritionist so they help you formulate a good homemade (should be cooked) diet.
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