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Best supplements or additives for a staffy who is starting to get a wobbly back leg and weak legs and a bit of a leg drag when walking?

I feed him a raw diet, with carcasses, bones, offal, meat, organs, and occasionally a touch of dry food but barely. Have just started giving him some raw grass fed dairy milk.

Was thinking glucosamine and maybe rosehip or something but I’m unsure. Can we give them things like greens powders, bee pollen, and like general supplements that I take?

Also, what dosage per kg for giving them ivermectin paste?

I don’t like worming him with store bought wormers, they always mess with him and never seem to actually do anything. I see mucous and stringy things in his stool often too.

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Why ivermectin? I’d consult a neurologist if anything. They will be able to properly diagnose your pet

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Hip & joint supplant that has glucosamine in it.

Green lipped muscles (powder form is affordable) or fish oil from pet store, both will provide omega 3.

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I agree with Jess, this sounds like a neurological problem so feeding raw and giving supplements isn’t going to help. I’d recommend you see a neurologist.

Raw feeding and raw milk are risks for bacterial infection and may be causing an upset stomach resulting in the mucus you’re seeing. Alternatively, staffies are very prone to allergies so it could be something to do with that

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How are you balancing his diet? If making your own raw diet it is imperative that it is properly balanced by a nutritionist. Very serious deficiencies can occur if not. Dogs are also lactose intolerant so I’d cut the dairy out. It does sound like he should see a veterinarian at this point. Good luck

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First off I’d advise stopping raw and getting him onto an appropriate diet. Second I’d stop feeding milk as dogs lack the enzyme lactase to digest lactose. We do not give dosages. Best supplement is glucosamine msm chondrotin. If you haven’t already been to the vet I’d start there

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We have a 13-year-old Lab that has severe spinal arthritis. We still use anti-inflammatory pain meds, but on a daily basis after activity we use Aches away. It is all natural, and it is 100 % safe for daily use. He could barely get up the stairs from time to time until we started using it. Decreases pain and inflammation. We also use Joint Support Plus to help the joints from the arthritis and inflammation as well.
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